Lean Manufacturing Tools

We are passionate practitioners of manufacturing excellence who are committed to our client’s success. Using lean principles and philosophies, we both challenge and guide clients on their continuous improvement journeys as they deploy kaizen to find innovative ways to solve business challenges.

Our view is that successful lean transformations require a comprehensive implementation approach. While they will certainly include items such as current state value stream maps, continuous improvement plans, and a relentless pursuit of waste elimination, they will also involve efforts such as developing a company-wide training plan, creating a process to sustain kaizen improvements, and assisting all levels of management navigate the unexpected challenges associated with an empowered workforce.

A key component of any lean implementation plan is that it includes tangible financial savings. While lean transformation requires much more than a focus on financial performance, it is our view that focusing on the numbers will create a healthy sense of urgency across the organization, as well as energize all levels once kaizen efforts begin showing results. In our view this should take a few short weeks, and not months or more.