Load Testing – Mobile App

Mobile is a whole new game and the testing requirements for all attributes are much steeper due to the unpredictability.

The purpose of load testing is to determine whether the application can maintain the required number of users with acceptable rejoinder times. The intention of propensity testing is to standard the maximum load of simultaneous users an application can sustain before experiencing system failure while the intention of stress testing is to validate an application’s constancy and dependability over a comprehensive period of time. On the server side: we need to understand variations in response times, streaming resource intensive packets, delays in delivery of messages, application crashes etc.

On the client side: we need to address the usual discrepancy of application behavior on various platforms and handsets, memory and CPU consumption, loading speed and battery issues. Users expect mobile services to be relevant and user-friendly, and to perform well. The limitations of the medium impose significant challenges to designing and testing products that meet all of the users’ expectations.