About Us

Learning by doing was the opportunity!

The time we spent to solve the real problems in business and to build businesses from scratch was our opportunity to learn. And we are a team of professionals to walk with you to create profitable business models; to scale your units to compete in the global market. Sometimes it is the product, some other time it is the service strategy or marketing matters for the business success. One certain fact is if you have a good product and you are ready to give the promised service your business will survive and flourish.

Amla is an open platform to ask questions, to discuss to brainstorm and to create that unique business that you were dreaming; we help you in managing the current system for better performance and returns; to assist you to add newer product line and services.
We hand hold your brand beyond the borders to reach that specific customer group.

There is not a single formula for success; In reality there are many… we can create it together!