E Commerce

We specialize in responsive and CMS e-commerce portals for we believe it as the best service for consistent development and long term success of your business. We do not follow specific pattern, concept or strategy it is different from project to project. Our focus is to offer an efficient smooth and easy shopping experience for each customer. We are not font of big numbers we try to optimize the sales conversions rather than increasing the bounce rates.

Knowledge of the products and the characteristics of business is very important before designing the look and feel of the product. Good quality product images and educating content is of prime importance in an e-commerce portal. The color tone of the web portal also should talk about the product. As consultants and developers we will be with you to assist in each of the steps.

We believe in educating the customer of the products and service that we deliver for them; as CMS system allow complete flexibility; we train your team in managing the website. It’s always a nice idea to see fresh website every other day; new and better images and if you can do it from your system nothing more.

We have specialized services for B2B portals; consistent growth in any industry is achieved through product quality improvement, newer marketing strategy, better customer service etc. In the growing digital world a well characterized website can take care many above said factors. Collecting feedback directly from clients can contribute in product development, the analytics can help you understand the demographics of the customers and that can help you formulate engaging campaigns. It’s your time to adapt the technology and be live in the digital market as well and active in the relevant social media.

Launch your online business in 30 days with us

Our work is based on timelines. It may be a single product portal, it can also be multiple products and large multi vendor portals we set the minimum possible timelines to perfectly launch your business; for it’s your dream and we walk with you to make it happen.

The features of e-commerce portals.

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1. Content Management system
2. Multiple payment gateway integration
3. Social media integration
4. Order Management system
5. Daily sales reports
6. Inventory Management
7. Multiple image for single product
8. Shopping cart
9. Wish list
10. Promotions Offers and sales
11. Differential Commission Management
12. Online chat
13. Newsletter Management
14. One page checkout
15. Order history
16. Google analytics integration
17. Image Zooming
18. Product review
19. Multiple shipping address
20. Guest Checkout
21. Password reset mail
22. Welcome mail on registration
23. One click updates
24. Delivery schedule
25. Catalogue downloadable links